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What Are Guitar Goals and How Do You Find Them?
by Dakota Malinowski


Guitar goals are the starting point for every great guitar player! Here is why having goals is so important:

It gives you and your teacher a direction

(the path you must travel to learn)


Develops a clear outcome that you want from learning guitar.

Clarity as too “is the item I am practicing related to the outcome I want”.


It sets you up to develop internal and external motivations.

Makes it clear as to why you are learning guitar in good and bad times.



Get a piece of paper and ask yourself the following questions. Think and write down the answers:

1. What made you want to learn to play the guitar?

2. Whatever it was that made you want to play, would you like to do what your influence does?

3. What are the things your influence does?

4. If you don’t have an influence what could be an influence?

5. What do you believe you can do with the guitar?

6. What do you wish you could do with the guitar?

There are many more questions that you could ask yourself to flush out what your long-term goals are. Some of the answers to these questions are your long-term goals.



Think about what the things are that you need to learn to be able to reach the longer-term goal ex:

1. Memorize your first song

2. Learn 4 chords (what is needed to play many songs)

3. Learn your first scale?

4. Write your first song

5. Play your first song in front of family and friends


If you go through all the steps you will start to come up with pretty good goals! I wish you the best!

About The Author:

Dakota Malinowski is the founder of Wisconsin Rock Guitar Academy. He has helped many students reach their goals on guitar.

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